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People can't stay happy anymore. I get that these are soap operas but why does everyone have to bang EVERYONE?

what is your round of choice for Please RT to get the best results. Comment below if your choice isn't listed.

Our latest review!! Its complicated....

Random reviews rate the pizza less than average, bad restaurant ambiance, rude/strange employees who act like you just walked into their house uninvited,and not very clean. Why is this place the most powerful pizza place in America? Why is it a favorite of very wealthy D.C elite?

After quite some years of collecting, I now own 27 of the original cover artworks out of the 223 released issues of Fleetway Sonic The Comic, and issue 1 of the Summer Special! My favourite things I own for sure!

All I want for is __________. Please make your list, I will forward them to . If you've been a good boy or girl he might make you smile.

i need a bad girl who will stay up past 8pm watching lawn mower reviews on youtube with me

The aroma gets those nostril hairs oscillating. The taste has a mild lemony sourness and tart berries, plus a throaty acidity. Nice depth of flavour. A good low voltage refresher.

Rediscovered a couple of reviews of 'Salt in the Milk': 'What a piece of trash! Glad that I was able to borrow it for free but even then it wasn't worth reading. It seems to be about waking up after various nights of unbelievable alcohol consumption and insulting everyone'

Friday at 2:30pm and Saturday at 11am Bookings and Details at and you can read our reviews at … So! Ho! Let's go!!

Check out the reviews for new

- Have you been getting some fab ? Want a way to display quotes from them in an eye catching way? Do you like ones I made earlier for & ? Then book in Rachel's Random Resources for some

Blockchain startup reviews & reports. Lawyers & Traders analytics. Interview with founders. Only actual info&scam alerts! Twice a day!

Try not to let bad reviews get you down... RT

Sharing secrets. Sisters are the best!

reviews / What is Phosphatidylserine? "... Phosphatidylserine is also a compound derived from soy that plays an essential role in cell membrane composition and intercellular communication."

Hey now, if you're going to ask the big guy, may as well go all out.

Editor: Can you review this paper? Me: I cannot because I'm on paternity leave. Editor: Doesn't that mean "sabbatical" & you should have more time for reviews? Me: Do you spend your sabbaticals sleep deprived, covered in puke, & spending all waking hours assuaging a tiny tyrant?

Kanye out here looking like Hush from ... what is this?

This woman is far more man that nearly every so called man out there.

Can you be all gansta when your def in one ear and can no longer stand without falling over?

- Smt reaches Kanyakumari. Along with Hon. Dy CM senior ministers, officers of Navy, coastguard and district officials, Smt reviews the current situation.

The good reviews started here

How much did I enjoy Netflix's THE PUNISHER? So much so that I'm watching it again all the way through. I am completely perplexed at the fact that it has gotten even remotely mixed reviews.

"A sentimental tale that sprinkles fantastical touches... nuanced characterization."--Kirkus Reviews

Tonight we're joined by Travis Dow for the first part of a conversation about the 2006 German language movie "The Lives of the Others." I hope you enjoy and be sure to get in your iTunes reviews!

I hope whoever manually reviews my 2 and a half hour video gets through the first five minutes, looks at the time left and goes "shit."

What FOURSQUARE has to say with our NAILS.Glow KSA Branch? .Lets look at some of the reviews.Sorry most are in Arabic.

Thinking about registering with CanadaStartups? Be sure to take a look at our 5 star reviews

Today on Comic Fade, we finished our reviews of the Star Wars prequel trilogy with our review of 'REVENGE OF THE SITH'! Check it out now at

SHIP YOUR PANTS K-MART : If they don't have what you want in store, order online and they will ship it to you. I may just ship my pants too. 10/10 I proper LOL'D and I never LOL.

Tell me Doctor, where are we going this time?

Arshi shoulve have said something to akash when akash said vikas ko hath meh rakhna yar chiii ! Now i feel she is just using him for the game

This won't be appearing in Thrifts because I wasn't filming the entire Value Village store, but... I was rather pleased to find an old PC case with a turbo display. Just an empty generic case, nothing special, but still!

The crazy just can't understand that evil lives in the hearts of men, not in the they use.

Top 7 Most Dissapointing Albums of 2017 Sadly, there’s plenty of letdowns to go around. Check my new year end list

When the committee reviews Alabama's resume today...

Negative Reviews flooded for both & But ( Normal Rate ) ends up with 43cr share in TN ( New GST Rates ) ends up with 39cr share in TN 25YRS OF SAMRAT VIJAY

FREE #1 Bestseller! Offer Ends Today! Order Now! Multi Award Winning Thriller 800+ Amazon Reviews! Get it here!:

Plsss .. friends give ur best reviews n comments on kapil's FB page .. all kapilians plss do it .. .. as we all know that Firangi is superb .. then show ur love ..

anybody used the Gallagher smart fence electric fence system for strip grazing sheep? thoughts and reviews?

I can tell if someone is judgemental just by looking at them.

Well, this should get the whole vs debate going.

SELFIE When you've taken a great Instagram selfie but then remember you have banned all internet in your country. 4/10


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