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doyoung: i despise everyone in nct 127 theyre all weirdos nct: vroom vroom talk show was hilarious doyoung:

Moonbyul: *started rapping* IDOT Girls: *gasped* *mouths hung open* WOOOAAAHHH *listened intently* *proudly smiled* She's the best! Girlcrush girlcrush!! MB: *finished rapping* –Claps & Cheers– Yooa: *fangirling* Seulgi & Sohee: Its good!! Suj: Swag swag!! Somi: Vroom Vroom!!

I’m sorry, but I kinda ship them now... I love this evil married version of Oliver and Kara They definitely love each other It’s weird, see them together, but yep, they looking SOOO good as wife and husband

dr cheng to me: if i’m gonna be comparing you to a car, between a toyota and a ferrari, you’re a ferrari girl vroom vroom motherfuckers HAHAHAHAAHAHAH charot :-((

after friday, anyone for pent wei knor fifa play, link me i’m not even talking to you

Me: hey if any of yall is in love w me please speak up!!! When people actually do, me: aq x ley bacew ah genk sori eh vroom vroom

Building your inner circle is a long play game; not a quick fix short cut w/ Travis Chappell

VROOM VROOM! More than 100 broadcast technicians employed by on events around the country voted overwhelmingly for union representation by . RT to welcome these workers to the CWA family and congratulate them for going union!

Tomorrow 10am - exciting announcement!

Vroom Vroom! These diaper covers are classic awesome! Come visit to see !

Nice to see the police box restored in .

drink water, write your exams and mind your business

Good morning and Happy Monday! We’re live 4:30-7am on ! I’ve got your morning commute covered for ya!

It’s all about Let’s see what happens this week

BMW i8 Coupe. £112,730, 60 in 4.4secs. 149mpg. Astounding, Convertible £124,730, 4.6secs and 134mpg. Almost as astounding. .

I'm sorry but if a guy can pull up his shirt during our school pep assembly in front of everyone then I think I can wear a tank top in front of a few classmates who have known me for most of my life and have seen me wear one in public in the summer before. Js.

vroom vroom i'm on way to protect and keep grayson safe i'm almost there

Spotted a remarkably well preserved 1992 Fiesta 1.1 in a Tesco carpark earlier. Only had 65k miles on it in March according to the MOT history! They’ve usually found their way into an oxidised grave by now, especially the lower spec examples.

today is a monumental day. my parents gave my very own key to the ONE AND ONLY SATURN SUV. now i can drive real fast whenever i want vroom vroom.

Doyoung stan, gather up! < Proudly present “Blacksuit” > x 1st Collaboration Goods We make the design in pleasure, so we hope all " vroom vroom lovers" who received it can feel delightful too!~

doyoung: i despise everyone in nct 127 theyre all weirdos nct: vroom vroom talk show was hilarious doyoung:

I’m sorry, but I kinda ship them now... I love this evil married version of Oliver and Kara They definitely love each other It’s weird, see them together, but yep, they looking SOOO good as wife and husband

After 8 long years my best friend finally gave me a nick name. Thanks idiot . Waited this long for a fucking nick name.

Hey hey hey... everyone tell that she needs to GET VROOM!!!! RT this to remind her!!!

Vroom bumps hard already

Geese say “honk” bc they think they are cars when they fly they also say “ vroom vroom” we just can’t hear them bc they’re in the sky

Vroom vroom ... New! Racing cars swim bag for kids. Handmade from cotton & waterproof lined. Visit

Aaayeee..Kaira chasing Aryan Vroom Vroom! Precap is exciting!

Live footage of doyoung being bullied by other members

i’m in me moms car... vroom vroom. get out me car. aweeee

Got myself a new toy vroom vroom bitchessssss

Vroom vroom taking some pencil sketches for tonight! Preferebly for MFF delivery but if you're interested I can also mail them after the con. Size is 8x10! $15 for bust $25 for fullbody! Just comment with ref and pose/expression~

livestreaming NOW for members! NAIS members can tune in to discussing intersectionality at .

. make vroom for new signing. Welcome on board . make point at Take a peek at sport . . .

Did you know that each satellite is roughly the size of a Mini Cooper? Once in orbit, they circumnavigate the Earth every 100 minutes, traveling at about 17,000 mph!

big bang's and twice's most used word in their lyrics is "baby" meanwhile Monsta X’s is " vroom vroom". Is it just me or is there something powerful about this message? there's a reason why people can relate to Monsta X songs.

Vroom: Check out these new cars and SUVs on display at this year’s Los Angeles Auto Show Read more:

Who's ready those vroom vroom bois I know you are because real racing is over and you're stuck with just me ayyy

The Driving Venture COMMUNITY Check our our website: Post your OWN VIDEOS, PHOTOS and IMAGES - comment and GET INVOLVED

Riverdale & The Flash AU Barry and Caitlin as The King and Queen of The Serpents “They became The King and Queen of The South Side. And God help anyone who disrespected The Queen”

I’m sorry, but I kinda ship them now... I love this evil married version of Oliver and Kara They definitely love each other It’s weird, see them together, but yep, they looking SOOO good as wife and husband

: BMW X5

Oh are people doing an oc meme oh god let's see - what are contractions - I Shouldn't Be Alive - non - kukukukukuku - - what is a person - these hands are rated e for everyone - DID SOMEONE SAY FIGHT?! - vroom vroom - - - yaint - HELP?

Your nails looked so 3D decided to kiss your hand Sexy. It was the phone-people on the bus stared

Been asking my kid about noises animals and things make. What's noise does a car make? Vroom vroom. What noise does a cat make? Meow meow. Wife asked him what noise Papa makes and he just started screaming. How is this kid reading my mind?

i'm in me mums car vroom vroom get out me car no

Dolph > Gotti

When an ordinary Ferrari isn't special enough.......... The newly launched Ferrari FXX-K Evo.

My classic Kitty Biker t-shirt design is back. Free shipping on orders over $40 with code Code “CHEERfcb1b4"! Vroom vroom meow meeeeowww

Watch this video with sound. Imagine a VROOM sound every time a bike passes by. Not so nice anymore? That's one of the reasons why car use should be limited in cities. vid

Elizabeth Vroom applauding EMA for listening to and involving patients in desicion making

Vroom Vroom by Charli XCX is more soulful than anything by Adele

Vroom Vroom!   What happens if you travel at the speed of light? What happens if you travel EVEN FASTER?! New video!

Niggas be lightly choking you calling it rough sex. Um no I want to almost die.

Refers to the batmobile as the “little vroom vroom scoot scoot buddy”.

NEW ORLEANS Sports Book Signing: I Heard A VROOM! VROOM! In My Bedroom Wed, January 31, 2018 5:30 pm - 6:30 pm Renaissance Hotel New Orleans Pere Marquette - Marriott, French Quarter Area 817 Common Street, New Orleans, LA 70112 (504) 525-1111

D-D-Dick on H, pussy on W Mouth on open, ass on smother you Ass on the cover too, Elle Magazine Vroom, vroom, vroom, get gasoline Could I be your wife? Naw, we could bang though I got these niggas whipped, call me Django

This is one kind of a convoy for a malay wedding. Groom pun vroom vroom...

Nigga look mad at his phone for making him look bad.


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